Operations Staff

A Shift Battalion Chief – Barry Ashman - ashman@ionafire.com
Barry began his career at Iona as a volunteer in 1983 as a firefighter. He was hired full time in 1985 and was promoted to Engineer/Driver in 1990. Barry then turned his focus to education earning nine different state certifications and in 2002 received an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology from Pikes Peak Community College. Barry has become a subject matter expert in fire apparatus pumps and equipment and has appeared in five nationally published fire training videos for Working Fire Production Company. Barry was promoted to Battalion Chief/Shift Commander in October 2006 and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Administration from Edison Community College in 2012. Barry is currently pursuing a degree from Barry University and plans on graduating in 2013 with a Masters in Arts and Administration.

Battalion Chief Ashman lives in the small community of Buckingham since 1999 with his wife, Jackie, their son Parker, and the family’s Black Labrador Retriever, Max. Barry enjoys school, mountain biking, going to NASCAR races, camping, Disney World, swimming, and spending time with his son. His future plans include retiring someday and traveling.

B Shift Battalion Chief Martin Palijan – palijan@ionafire.com

C Shift Battalion Chief – Marc Mascarelli - mascarelli@ionafire.com
Marc Mascarelli was introduced to the Fire Service by his two brothers and two uncles who work for FDNY. Moving from New York to Florida in 1987, Marc started Iona Mcgregor in 1991.

Marc promoted from Firefighter to Engineer, then Lieutenant to Battalion Chief in 2010. Throughout his career, Marc has acquired a Associates Degree in Fire Science, a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Credentialed Paramedic with the District, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He has achieved and maintained a position on all three of Iona McGregor's Special Ops' Teams where he continues to remain actively training with his crews. Marc was gratefully privileged to be involved with the recovery efforts at Ground Zero after September 11th, due to direct impact it had on his immediate family working for FDNY. He strongly believes in "enjoying the work you do and building strong relationships with the ones you do it with."

Marc lives in Iona McGregor's Fire District with his wife Tabitha and two sons Zachary and Bryson. He enjoys trips with the family, family gatherings, staying fit, boating, fishing, growing rare exotic palm trees, and his never ending list of projects around the house.