Our mission and goal is to ensure that all personnel receive appropriate levels of instruction in all aspects of the job.


The Training Division provides numerous types of training that includes one-on-one instruction, videotapes, CDs, hands-on training, and inviting outside vendors and guest lecturers to teach specialty classes. The Training Division itself spends quite a bit of time providing personal training or course delivery.

Recently, we have instituted training methods such as on-line training and teleconferencing; a new 3-level search and rescue/entrapment escape/confidence building maze in the training tower; Vo-Tech courses for internal and external personnel, just to name a few. In 2009, the Training Division completed the creation and construction of new training props for hazmat training in the tower.

The typical amount of training held throughout the year includes 12,470 hours of EMS training, 13,920 hours of fire-relayed training, and 5500 hours of miscellaneous training (Haz-Mat, TRT, and Water Ops)