Fire Training

The ability to train firefighters in real fire environments is greatly hindered due to Florida Environmental Protection Association’s rules and regulations. When the opportunity does present itself for live fire training, it is an extensive and tedious preparation process, but the benefits are worth it! IMFD stands at the forefront when it comes to acquiring structures for this type of hands-on training.

Acquired structures are constantly made available for training and the department takes full advantage of utilizing them. Mutual-aid departments are also invited to participate, whenever possible. These live fire drills enable our personnel, from line to command, to hone their skills in the full spectrum of fire ground operations, from on-scene to overhaul, and from tactics to command.

The acquired structures gives crews the opportunity to practice ventilation techniques, search and rescue, fire attack, and Rapid Intervention Techniques (RIT); all culminating in a final “live burn” of the structure. This type of training is vital for teaching and maintaining the firefighting skills of our seasoned firefighters and new employees.

In addition, these donated sites are excellent sources to train the staff the use of all new tools and procedures that the department has implemented over the years.

Monthly working fire videos help supplement and reinforce current fire fighting trends and principles.