Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that these FAQs will be helpful to you...

1. Will I be charged for the services I recently received from the Fire District?
The Iona McGregor Fire District provides services with the revenue it receives based on the taxable value of the property protected. The District does not charge additional fees for fire or medical response services we provide.

2. Will the Fire District provide lifting assistance for a resident who is unable to get up?
The Fire District will provide lifting assistance to residents and visitors who are unable to help themselves at no charge. Every year the District runs several hundred calls of this type. District crews are often asked why a fire engine shows up for a lifting assistance? There are two reasons: the smaller rescue unit may have been busy, or the weight of the patient may exceed the weight safely manageable by a two member crew.

3. When I call 911 for a medical emergency why does a District Fire Truck or Rescue Truck and Lee County Ambulance show up?
The reason is to improve the patient's chances of having a positive outcome from the emergency they are facing in a non-hospital setting. Callers reporting emergencies often understandably lack the ability to remain calm and clearly communicate to dispatch what has occurred. The time critical tasks that must be performed at a call where a resident is experiencing a serious medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack, or traumatic injury can increase the on scene time even for the best trained team of two paramedics. Responding with only two sets of hands to calls such as these will delay the timely triage, treatment and transport of patients to the fully equipped medical facility, Doctors and Staff. The Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics of Iona McGregor work closely with the Paramedics of Lee County EMS to reduce the on-scene time. In situations where Iona McGregor arrives first, we will cancel the ambulance and vice versa, if the patient's outcome won't be impacted. This working relationship allows the resources of both agencies to maintain maximum readiness to respond to the next call for help.

4. Why would my spouse, who suffered a medical emergency be transported to a hospital that wasn't the one closest to our home?
The hospital system in Lee County is currently designed around the concept of specialization, in order to provide the best care available. It is not uncommon for a patient to live close to one hospital and be transported to a specialized facility farther from their home. Lee Memorial Hospital has a designated trauma unit, stroke facility and cardiac facility designed to be equipped to handle these calls on a regular basis. In addition, during the very busy tourist season, a patient may be transported to a facility farther from home based solely on the availability of beds.

5. Are BBQ grills allowed to be stored/used on the patio of an apartment or condominium?
This is a question our Fire Prevention Division routinely addresses. The answer is, "it depends on the specifics of the situation". In order to provide the most accurate answer to questions regarding BBQ grills or other fire code related matters, you are urged to call the Iona McGregor Prevention Division at (239)-425-9336

6. Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
The staff at all stations are equipped and trained, and will be happy to provide a blood pressure check. We encourage residents to have their blood pressure checked regularly.

7. I often see Firefighters shopping at the local supermarket; why do they bring the fire truck ?
The Iona McGregor Fire District emergency response personnel work a 24 hour shift. During each shift, duty personnel perform many work and training related activities. Firefighters routinely prepare two or three meals a day at the fire station, which necessitates visits to local markets. However, because duty personnel must be ready to respond to a call at any given time, crew members must always be in close proximity to their equipment and response units.

8. What is an ISO rating and what is the ISO rating of the Iona McGregor Fire District?
The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is a national company that has developed a rating system to assist insurance companies in setting fire insurance rates for regions of the United States, based on a review of several factors. The ISO rating is a scale from 1 to 10 with class 1 being the best and class 10 considered as nonexistent fire protection. Three elements comprise the ISO rating: Dispatch Communications Systems (10%), Water Supply (40%), and the Fire Department (50%). The Dispatch Communications element rates a 911 centers ability to handle incoming calls, backup systems in place, and number of dispatchers on duty per given time period. Elements of the water system evaluated includes the existence of hydrants, percentage of area served by hydrants, gallons per minute capability of the hydrants, and how often hydrants are flowed and tested. The last component of the ISO rating system is the Fire Department. The primary elements evaluated are the number of stations, locations of stations, number of full time firefighters on duty, type and amount of engines and ladder trucks, and yearly training hours dedicated specifically to firefighter and officer fire ground training. The District was last reviewed in 2005 and classified as a 4. Suggestions from ISO for improvement included building a fifth station near Pine Ridge Road/Gladiolus and hiring additional full-time firefighters. The District has accomplished both of these items and is currently being re-rated. The District expects to receive an improved score.

9. Is there a charge for CPR/AED or First Aid classes?
If you are a resident of the Fire District and wish a certification card, the only charge is for your card, which is $5.00 payable by check to IMFD.

If you are a resident outside of the District, the cost is $35.00, payable by check to IMFD.

If you are a business in the District, please contact Lauri McMahon to discuss the details of the class charge.

Contact the Public Education & Information Resource Officer, Lauri McMahon at 239-425-9316 or

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us.