District Information - Call Volume

A review of the service calls for the 2012-2013 fiscal year (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30) shows a dramatic 15% increase from the previous fiscal year of 8,767 to 10,081. The main source of calls, medical, remains to be the majority at 5,833 calls. Following at 3,789 calls are general types to include hazardous conditions, service or good intent, false alarms, weather, or special types of calls. Rescue calls are in third place with 360 calls and fires/explosions are fourth with 99 calls. We contribute our low fire call volume to proactive Fire Prevention and Public Education Divisions. All commercial and industrial businesses are inspected annually which keeps our community buildings safe and up to current codes. All multi-family residential buildings are also inspected annually by the fire crews. These are high risk areas that are also kept up and made to adhere to current codes.

The District is divided into 5 zones with a station in each. The zones vary with population and density of homes and businesses. Each station is adequately staffed with personnel and apparatus to respond to the call volume it responds to.

The following are the number of calls each station responded to during the FY 2012-13, the current staffing, and the apparatus housed there:

71 705 3-4 Engine 71
72 2,446 6 Rescue 72, Engine 72
73 3,559 6 Rescue 73, Engine 73, Engine 79, Water Ops/Dive Vehicle
74 2,788 6 Rescue 74, Engine 74, Support Vehicle 74
75 2,105 6 Ladder 75, Tower 75, Rescue 75